Environs Now is a mobile app for presenting the latest EPA data in the context of the user's location.  There are two versions of the app available, with the same features and capability; an iOS version for the iPhone/iPad, and an Android version for Android smartphones and tablets.  All the data used in the app is downloaded in real time so the latest information is guaranteed.  There are no stored EPA databases on the device itself. Upon startup, the app automatically retrieves the device's latitude and longitude, then uses a reverse geocoder to determine the state and zip code.  In some locations the zip code may not be available from the geocoder, and the user is prompted to enter it. The Environmental Dashboard forms the heart of the app, and includes the air quality index, the current climate, and the EnviroMapper views of water, land and energy.  The Air Quality Index is downloaded from the AIRNow Gateway Web Services, and is presented as the qualitative description of both the observed and forecast ozone and PMI2.5 indices, with the background colored in the EPA-approved color scheme for the particular index value. The current climate screen combines the UV index obtained from the EPA with the current weather conditions downloaded from the National Weather Service to present a combined climate view. The water, land, and energy screens use the EnviroMapper view of the Envirofacts database to show the local conditions.  The options to view facilities, releases, and other items of interest are the same as on the EnviroMapper web version, but presented in a mobile device-friendly format. The final feature is the regional EPA news for whichever of the 10 EPA regions the device is located in.  The RSS feed for the appropriate region is downloaded, parsed, and presented in chronological order.  Selecting any individual feed item will take the user to that particular news release. Environs Now has been designed to address Administrator Jackson's priority of expanding the conversation on environmentalism, both by its features and by being available on the two most popular mobile platforms.  This wide availabliity, and its location-aware context, also helps promote her priorities of improving air quality, cleaning up our communities, and protecting America's waters. The Android version can be downloaded from the website URL included with this submission, and is also in the Android Market here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.kellytechnology.EnvironNow . The iOS version is live in Apple's App Store and can be downloaded through iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/environs-now/id461807013?mt=8 .

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