Inspiration: Now more than ever, everyone is tangled in a convoluted network online where digital personas are a substitution for our physical selves. Especially with the coronavirus, as we sequester ourselves in our homes, it is easy to fall prey to misinformation online. EnvironMentally by the Social Hacks aims to battle misinformation revolving around climate change to ensure we can proactively save our planet together, without the hindrance of climate change denial.

What It Does: The website gives you resources on climate change science. On the home page, it shows the viewer an array of common misconceptions and the realities of said misconceptions. Below that, you can see in live time NASA’s maps on the Earth’s vital signs. If you go over to the resource page, it gives you a list of articles, videos, and links on climate change. It also details what science literacy is and what you can do to achieve it and much more.

How We Built It: To expedite the web making process, we used a template provided by Templated. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We then added to the template with our own creations and customizations.

Challenges We Ran Into: Some challenges we came across were managing the layout and finding ways to engage people with the information.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of: We were able to successfully create a website with resources that is comprehensible, easy to use, and overall a great asset and contributor towards battling misinformation to secure our species’ future.

What We Learned: Albeit that we came across many challenges, we learned how to collaborate on a repository simultaneously, new JavaScript functions, and learned more about general web design in CSS.

What's Next For EnvironMentally By theSocialHacks: This is a rudimentary rendition of our idea. This can become much more detailed and complex by perhaps adding a science literacy blog, keeping the facts straight and the science right. We would also like to include more user-interface interaction by making a platform where people can proactively advocate for our climate.

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