Some contacts at the EPA asked for my feedback on what the next steps might be.

How it works

I go through the developer area for the envirofacts API, and profile existing API operations, including the creation of Swagger definitions to help define the API. I then pull together my thoughts that the EPA can add into their roadmap.

Challenges I ran into

The API is huge, and consists of many databases, and the API design reflects this. There is a lot of work to define it, as well as potentially cleaning it up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I distilled down a very complex API, and was able to help define it in a cleaner way, and create Swagger definitions, to help guide the roadmap.

What I learned

What a valuable API it actually is, and eager to see what some good API design, and a healthy developer portal will do for the API -- it will make sure it gets used.

What's next for Environmental Protection Agency Envirofacts API

Waiting to hear what the EPA team says, as well as let some thought settle in from actually playing with. Then I'll add more items to the Github Issue driven roadmap on the projects Github repository.

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