What's this

This is a hackathon submission showing the different environmental laws per state. We included a link for federal environmental laws in the about page, but we wanted to highlight the discrepancies in climate plans and priorities per state.

Why this project is useful

We've seen different resources for looking at environmental laws that exist in each state, but these are hard to find and encoded in individual maps. This map compiles them together.

How we built this

We used HTML/CSS with Bootstrap and plain JS with D3.js. This was all programmed on Qoom and pushed to Github.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Annebelle spent 6 hours wondering why each state wouldn't color in. Julia spent 2 hours wondering why the CSS wouldn't show up. We both learned a lot about the technologies, Annebelle's being D3.js and Julia's being Bootstrap's grid and flexbox layouts. We're both proud that we stuck it out until the end in Annebelle's first hackathon since high school (and first online hackathon ever) and Julia's first hackathon ever.

What is next for this project

It would be lovely to visually enhance the website and add more resources, more laws, and more ways to contact your local representative.

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