The COVID-19 pandemic has been a period of change throughout the world. One unexpected outcome that occurred with society going into quarantine was a net reduction in carbon dioxide emissions – this is one of the first periods of time in recorded history when CO2 emissions have declined, and this data can be used to provide further insight into how our “old normal” activities impacted the environment.

What it does

Utilizing data sets from Team EnviroVis has developed a novel UX implementation of a data visualizer that highlights and tells the story of how quarantine has impacted our environment.

How we built it

Good data is the foundation of a good data visualization, we spend some time first to understand the data set after we found it. Next, we extracted and retrieved the data we need from the database and implement the data into our site with the corresponding UX design.

Challenges we ran into

Retrieving the specific data from the data set and working with different types of files is definitely a challenge for us since we are all new to data processing. Also, importing multiple libraries and incorporate the library build-in chart display with our selected data took us for a while as well, but we managed to conquer them all!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is a very exciting opportunity for us to learn, explore, and make friends. We are proud that we can hand in a finished project on time also managed to solve problems from a different perspective along the way with our teammates.

What we learned

Managing databases and being able to retrieve data are some valuable data visualization skills that we learned during this hackathon. Moreover, try to approach problems from a different perspective is also something that we have improved during this event.

What's next for Environmental Data Visualizer

We want our Environmental Data Visualizer to predict data from the existing data set, along with the improved UX interface. Adding some interactive user experience would also be within our consideration.

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