We were inspired to create this game to show the effects of Global Warming,Water Pollution and Air Pollution along with other less aware environment damaging factors. With all of these factors we created a story that really highlights what could happen if we continue to damage the earth at the current rate.

What it does

It is a interactive story game where the user (You!) Navigate trough a dystopian future where the world we know of has broken down. You have to try find Food , Water and essential resources to survive, Trough your exploration - You will learn new facts about our environment and Mini Games to make a (small but important) impact to the environment you live in - It could be a quick task as recycling some stuff instead of sending it to the landfill but it could also be a longer term task of 'banishing' plastics from your daily routine. Our idea is for you to eventually reduce your impact to the environment thus Improving it (a Marginal reduction has a large impact!)

How we built it

We built it using JavaScript and Alexa Developer Templates, We heavily modified a base template by adding features such as Checkpoints , Adding Arrays for our statistics and then calling them and then adding saving features along with the story , We also modified the code extensively with some Minor feature adds which overall adds to a unique and innovative experience unique to Environment Hero.

We also integrated DB's to manage data from our users which involved us learning how dynamoDB works! (Our First ever time using dynamoDB!!)

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with a story was difficult - The paths we made were very separate and merging them to other parts of the story was exceptionally difficult. In the end we decided to have the story path multiple different ways with Different endings.

Debugging - Consistently through development we encountered errors either from Lambda or the ASK Simulator. Through lots of Googling and scavenging trough our code, We managed to get a stable and working build eligible for submission.

Twine - Where can we start? Twine was a great tool that we used to shape the story but when we came to testing the story did not start from the beginning and instead from a random point in the story. After hours of searching trough our code and testing it - It just didn't work! Then we found that Twine was (for some reason) mixing the story up for no apparent reason. After a hour we managed to fix the story order! It was a Very concerning moment when we couldn't find a fix!!

Intents - We struggled to get intents that sounded Intuitive but we managed to adapt our story to fit in with the intents we could use reliably (Some of the intents we tested resulted in mistakes when Alexa picked them up).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Managing to get this skill to work! As said above - The skill refused to work at one point! -Learning how to make this skill and how to utilise DB's. -We are also proud that we have learnt new ways to help the environment through this skill and we hope many more people will learn as much as we did! -The initial impact we had with our beta testers! -Managing to create this skill even after many set backs. -Learnt RegEx -Learnt First Cut Pro X to make the demo video -Learnt Tons of pollution facts!

What we learned

How to make and utilise dynamoDB. How to debug effectively Time management!! The damage to the environment we do! -Learnt RegEx -Learnt First Cut Pro X to make the demo video -Learnt Tons of pollution facts!

What's next for Environment Hero | Can you save the world?

We plan to expand the story further and add possible new characters and achievements along the way. Our main goal is to have a large and varied story which incorporates more environmental tips and tricks but also to use open source statistics to hopefully make the user more aware of real life and possible future environmental issues. We also plan to expand the story and statistics to include socio-economic issues such as Poverty and Homelessness. Any Feedback on this DevPost Page will shape our future of this skill so Feel free to leave some comments on how to improve our skill!!

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