One of the largest problems in the world comes from our very own houses. Whether it be recycling, lazy habits, etc. we always impact the world negatively some way or another. However while in school (when school was in person of course), I saw so many more of those problems on a larger scale. Kids constantly didn’t recycle bottles and threw food in the recycling bin without any after thoughts. My classmates were lazy and didn’t want to do any exercise or P.E. To make matters worse, kids ate extremely bad and brought Lunchables, candy, and other unhealthy foods. Sure this may not have an affect on them now, but these unhealthy habits will definitely affect them later on in life whether it be in college with no restrictions, or even when they’re living alone in their own house. Here’s where Environest comes into play. Environest is here to help encourage people to recycle, eat healthy, exercise, and donate to charity.

What I learned

In Angelhacks, I learned so much. I got to go to some awesome workshops and learned how to use html better.

How did I build it?

I built my project using Python(flask, pymongo, bootstrap) and HTML CSS JS. The ide that I used was Pycharm.


Some challenges I faced was the Food and Exercise section. In those sections, I spent most of my Saturday night trying to fix since I kept on getting errors for my database. I ended up fixing those issues, but I wasted some time.

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