Following the implementation of lockdown within countries worldwide, daily carbon emissions have decreased by a maximum of 17% which is equal to 17 million tonnes of CO2 a day. This is the first occurrence in which emissions have reached such a low level since 2006. In China alone, emissions have reduced by a quarter.

In other words, lockdown has had an overall positive impact on our environment. Unfortunately, all these efforts may go to waste if people go back to living life like they used to. We as a team decided that people should be aware of the state of our environment and how everyone can help to improve this. This inspired us as a team to come up with EnvironAR.

What it does

EnvironAR is an AR-powered cross-platform mobile game that educates users about environmental damage through an entertaining and educative experience. There are 4 different environments: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. Each environment has levels that the user must complete for their avatar to progress and solve the mystery at the end of the game. It is aimed at users aged 12 and over so that both teens and adults can be inspired to maintain green habits. Our mobile game propagates the mission of Global Goal 13 - Climate Action which needs to be met by 2030.

We also have a website that explains more about EnvironAR, as well as a repository where you can find the app files in the 'Releases' tab.

How we built it

We build the game prototype in Unity, using the 'Fungus' and 'Google ARCore' packages. The website was built using Atom.

What's next for EnvironAR

Future plans for the game are as follows:

  • Completing our game prototype to include all levels
  • Creating a habit tracker specifically for green habits that promotes sustainability of eco-friendly habits.
  • Creating a forum where users can communicate and share how they have been improving the environment. This forum could be a part of the website and a separate app for the game

Future plans for the website are as follows:

  • Allowing users to donate to environmental charities

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