Environ Android-APP(with IBM conversation chatbot)

Environ is first of its kind app in the world, that educates people and brings awareness to their minds regarding the increasing pollution in their locality and consists of interactive and intriguing interfaces provided by high-performance forums and chatbots, and does fetch accurate data from APIs.


We as a team of technologists believe that the only thing worth contributing to the open-source community is by creating projects that are application-driven and also aides a social cause. We chose android, to reach mass users, and that's how the whole idea got evolved.



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Tech used:

Java, Android Studio, Firebase, IBM Watson Conversations.


The app gives the details of the air quality of one's surrounding by providing the air quality index and its description that how hazardous it is and provides the remedial solution and a button to file a petition for clean air and also a share option to share to other people through our own forum.

The next tab gives us a list of rivers in the locality and provides with water quality indexes and based on that it suggests us how good or bad it is and what pollutants does it contains, you can also contact a no. of N.G.O's with a single click and can file a petition, addition to that one can even organize the cleanliness drives from our forums, which are curated by N.G.O volunteers, and Research scientists.

The Forum can also be used for normal issues regarding many such essential things which people don't tend to bother about due to a busy lifestyle and this provides an on the go solution to that. People get a reward for their posts every-one based on the curator's selection of the user and also one that goes popular every month which they can be donated or redeemed onto your e-wallets.Curators in the forum prevent from spam and violation off Google and Environ policies.

Future prospects:

There is a chatbot that acts as an alternative guide to the app and gives you information regarding how can you use the app to the fullest. Cognitive programming is used for the chatbot implementation in the app.

Environ fetches environment-related posts using machine learning principles and IBM Watson analytics to study the user activity of the app. The whole Environ platform would be scaled up during the production phase of the project with Machine learning incorporation and analytics to provide even more enriching User Experience.

Code practices followed:

A good readability of the code has been kept in the mind and has been implemented by using the Google developers best practices by Google. The UI has been Built by following the designing rules of Georgia Tech and University of California, San Diego.


Clone and download the project, extract the file locally and import the project on an Android SDK.

API reference:

  1. Breezometer api:https://api.breezometer.com/
  2. Water Quality index api: https://api.data.gov.in/


  1. Tito Nadar https://github.com/TitoNadar
  2. Divyam Pandya https://github.com/divyampandya63

  3. Yash Purohit https://github.com/iam7pY

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