Predictive Maintenance Made Simple

EnviroBot is a powerful yet simple to use Predictive Maintenance Platform that will be built on top of GE Predix.It’s main advantages are reduction in maintenance costs, Elimination of breakdowns, reduction in equipment or process downtime and therefore increase in production.The system use real time data taken from machine’s sensors in a creative game changing way by creating a voice driven personal assistant allowing the user to get the right info in the right time. We have created unique mini apps inside the main app that can be activated by voice only.Our system use speech to text recognition and after analyzing the user’s intent and sending a query to the system , the information is translated into the selected mini app and visualized to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully functional AI smart bot with 3 mini apps inside.the bot can activate each mini app by getting user's intent and respond accordingly.

What's next for EnviroBot

We hope that we could leverage our time in the hackaton to raise money for this unique venture and to expand our work into Fluid Analysis, Non-destructive Testing (X-Ray for ex) and Electrical testing and Monitoring. We are sure that this Environmental and Human Friendly solution will empower the decision makers to take action and step into the predictive maintenance era.

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