Enviro aims to connect people who wish to do something for the environment on a common app based platform. The app connects users living in the same neighborhood based on zip code and lets them post an environmental issue that affects local residents , also host events which can bring them together . The chat option and point based ranking system motivates them to be engaged with each other and thereby do their bit for the environment collectively.


Issue reporting platform

Enviro lets users post a picture and add a small description about an environmental hazard in his vicinity . The photo and description is visible to all users nearby and anyone can share it with the concerned officials and also view the exact location . Once the issue is resolved , the reporter can close the issue himself or any other user can send him a issue close request and thereby close fixed issues.

Event hosting platform

With Enviro users can host environmental events at a common public place with a predefined date and time. Other users from the same vicinity can view the events and RSVP to the same.


Chat about events , issues with the nearest Enviro users and collaborate online to transform single person movements to groups and thereby make a substantially larger impact. It can also be used to form carpooling groups , common nature preservation events , organize talks and take measures to curb various types of pollution.

Point based leader-board

A leader-board based on points to inject a positive competitive spirit among users and thereby induce continuous activity on the environment and app which also inspires other users to follow suit
300 points on signing up.
50 points for every new issue reported.
20 points for hosting an event.
15 points for joining an event.
2 points for sending a message.

How we built it

We built it using Android studio and Parse as the backend for content and activity .

Challenges we ran into

Implementing location based filtering and chat

Accomplishments that we're proud of

New issue reporting , events and chat functionality is stable . Point system is working like a charm and the app uses minimal memory and data. The developers were in two continents and the collaboration part went smooth and quick and involved exactly 10 git commits .

What's next for Enviro

The app needs to go deep into users , maybe also tweak the points algorithm to better rank users . Get feedback from users and turn the app into a market ready app with improved UI/UX , performance and options . An admin panel online for officials to view exact locations and detailed info of the problem is also in the pipeline

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