Over 2.01 billion tonnes of trash end up in landfill each year and of this, over ⅓ of it is detrimental to the environment. Our inspiration for EnviRemade was sparked from this exorbitant amount of trash produced. EnviRemade - combined from environment and remade, seeks to mitigate this instrumental concern, one of the driving catalysts of climate change.

What it does

EnviRemade seeks to connect consumer and producer by providing communities with an outlet to recycle their waste products, thus allowing consumers to purchase the new products EnviRemade has made out of these in turn. The user-interface system allows producers to simply sell their trash: by collecting an Envri: a compact designed disposal box, they are able to dispose of their trash in this mannerism and earn money through it. Thus, this acts as an incentive for communities to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Furthermore, EnviRemade is able to be a profitable business by turning these waste products, purchased from individuals for the low price of $4/kg, and turning these into reusable, reliable and environmentally-beneficial products. Consumers are further incentivized to buy this due to the cost which is lower than the standard retail cost.

Additionally, the website’s informative and interactive elements allow users to engage in sustainability, reduce, reuse and recycling of materials. These are incorporated by the EchoAR models and the Qoom forms which facilitate the user to purchase or sell their items.

How we built it

EnviRemade is built using, HTML, CSS, Qoom, and EchoAR.

Challenges we ran into

EnviRemade was not made without some issues: the largest of these being connecting the various interconnective parts of the website with each other; some of the pages were not linked properly thus causing confusion for our team.

However, with the guidance of the Alpha Hacks mentors and our own critical thinking, we were able to transform these issues into strengths, thereby creating a user-friendly final product.

Furthermore, time zones were also an issue: most of our team members are located in the US, but one is located in Australia, so coordinating work times was difficult! However, in the end, we were able to band together and create EnviRemade: a polished, user-friendly educational business.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The aforementioned issues may have caused slight inconvenience. However, upon solving them, we were able to learn innovative ways of expressing our code such as using EchoAR and Qoom to create an interactive platform.

What we learned

Our team thus learned various HTML element tags, CSS and use Qoom to improve our user interface. Working as a team and playing to our individual strengths - whether it be coding, designing or researching - allowed us to create EnviRemade.

What's next for EnviRemade

In the future, we would love to add more informative sections regarding sustainability as well as increasing the user-friendliness by improving the user interface. As such, we would love to use Qoom and EchoAR to improve these elements.

Built With

  • css
  • echoar
  • html
  • qoom
  • w3schools
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