A system for communities to stay connected during environmental disasters and for cities to communicate with individual communities.


During emergencies power can go out and broadband connection can go down. Envinet is a way for cities and communities to stay connected in the event of such a disaster. Each Neighborhood would have one system installed in it. Each system would be made up of a dragonboard (Micro Controller) and a monitor. On the dragonboard a website we made would run that allows whole communities to let the city know how much trouble they are in (Green,yellow or red). The dragon boards would be part of a hotspot network that spreads the city's connection throughout the system. Citizens can join the network and using the native IOS app or the web app they can chat with their community, while also getting alerts from the city.

Current Issues

The current method of detecting damage and is ineffective and time-consuming Authorities need to assess damage in certain neighborhoods efficiently and qualitatively People need an effective way to communicating with others

The people that Could Benefit from this

Communities: Everyone with a cell phone can connect to EnviNet Children, Senior Citizens, and others who need assistance during disasters Cities: They are able to send messages to individual communities Receive real time updates on aid and damage

What We Made

Today we made a web app for individuals to connect to and chat with their community A website to be run on a dragonboard or other micro controller. A native IOS app that can relace the web app


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