When first coming to Hack The 6ix, we took the initiative to make it easier to enter the investment market with the use of intuitive tools. Fortunately, we were able to design a well thought out UI/UX, which enables Retail Investors to break the barrier of entry and trade stocks with the correct information and tools.

What it does

Envest is a stock information platform which allows investors to use professional tools with simplicity. One of the main features of Envest is the Scanner component. The Scanner component allows the investor to find stocks that fit within the criteria they are looking for. Another feature that Envest offers is a Screener, which is a tailored newsfeed that allows the investor to get up to date information about their stocks.

How we built it

During the hackathon we made a Proof Of Concept working website. The whole purpose of this was to show what a good investing application could look like with an attention to design and use experience.

Challenges we ran into

We understood that making a product for the investment market is difficult, and we had to think hard about things such as the market delay when we pull data. We soon figured out that there are API's that could allow information that is relatively up to date.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a beautiful Proof Of Concept that would be very appealing to end users.

What we learned

UI/UX if crucial to having a long lasting impression on the user which will make them want to come back.

What's next for Envest

The next step would be to connect the backend functionality and make the site more dynamic.

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