Concept for the CUNY Hackathon 2019


enveeNYC is an android mobile application that encourages users to volunteer to help the environment locally around New York City!


  • This application allows users to sign up for free accounts as volunteers with the incentive to volunteer through engaging tasks such as "recycling or picking up litter from a park" in exchange for points that go towards rewards they can earn which they can redeem such as "you earned a free grande drink at Starbucks!"

  • This application also benefits companies by sharing a direct database of volunteers on our platform that can allow them to receive participation or support for their campaigns. Our platform will also benefit companies such that it brings exposure with volunteers as customers and companies can expand their business through management of users who support their campaigns. enveeNYC takes a small percentage of donations earned from company campaigns to help support the product as well as donations from users.

  • Users can add friends. Organize their own events such as "pick up litter at Flushing Meadows on Saturday" and accept invites for those events. Users can also complete enveeQuests to earn points. Users can share images of completing quests, they also receive badges for completing benchmarks.

  • The application also focuses on educating the user through news articles and trivia about environmental awareness and sustainability. For example: If every person in New York picked up one plastic bottle per day, we could reduce plastic pollution by 25% by 2025.

DSNY removes 1.7 million pounds of debris from New York City's 6000 miles of roadway each week and maintains 25,000 litter baskets.

Imagine the difference envee users can make?

Further planning

  • We hope to incorporate machine learning by monitoring details such as air pollution, or water usages, or even satellite images of litter to visualize the changes envee volunteers make through time.
  • We also hope to expand our app to other major cities to help tackle environmental issues.


  • The app is still in development mode.
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