Starting from brainstorming, our ideas fell into the importance of the environment and addressing certain issues. At first, our idea was to do a web search engine; however, after exploring more efficient ways to get messages across, we decided to create a discord bot, named Envbot. Discord is a place where the bot will address environmental issues in a larger scope through images, ways to improve, increase in knowledge, etc.

What it does

Envbot provides a variety of facts about the environment including, climate facts, species facts, ocean facts and quotes. Also, Envbot helps with increasing knowledge on ways to improve our environment and the negative impact of human activity. Through Envbot, users are able to see images of the destruction and positive impacts our environment contains. It is significantly beneficial as it plants trees when a certain amount of messages is reached in the server. This increases motivation and creates a drive-in positively impacting our environment. This is shown when Envbot checks messages and gives back the number of times people are messaging. Moreover, Envbot provides a large amount of knowledgeable information and gives a clear point of view of the current environmental situations to a large group of people.

It gives you facts about the environment such as general facts, climate facts, species facts, ocean facts, quotes, how humans are affecting the environment facts, how we can improve the environment facts, images of the environmental issues, it also plants trees after reaching a certain amount of messages that people type in a server.

How we built it

We built Envbot using and Python. Most importantly, we used Discord.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout our journey in creating a successful bot, we ran to a large number of challenges. When we approached the idea of creating a discord bot, we didn’t know where to begin. However, due to our strong passion for the idea, we took the initiative to watch videos on ways to create discord bots. Due to a specific time limit, we wanted to reach our best goals when creating the bot. We began writing comments, having a strong plan and a layout to work with. With this, we constantly did research and collected facts. It was difficult at the beginning but the challenge had allowed us to be motivated to keep trying. We improved a lot and executed a successful project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of completing this project despite all the challenges we faced. We are proud of having room for improvements and most importantly, gaining a learning experience along with new skills! We were able to learn more about replit, how discord bots work and how to create them. Moreover, we are proud of completing the task within the time given.

What we learned

This experience has allowed us to learn a variety of things. We learned more about coding and how to create a discord bot about a topic we were interested in which is, increasing knowledge and raising awareness of environmental issues. While creating this project, we gain more knowledge on the environment. We also learned how to work within a team remotely, how to use our time wisely, listening to others, and to be creative.

What's next for Envbot

We will continue expanding Envbot by adding more Api’s, creating more commands and functions for our bot and making our bot have its own database. Additionally, we also plan to create a website for Envbot where we will add the commands and their descriptions to each command.

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