We are a group of enthusiasts with multidisciplinary skills that share a common goal: Help the community!

In “normal” market conditions, 2 of 3 MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) fail during their first three years of operation. Now, imagine on the COVID19 conditions we are living now… Due to the crisis generated by the COVID19, most of the industries are experiencing a drastic downgrade on their economic performance. Based on (still early) estimations, the economy in Europe might experience a negative reduction of at least 1%. In the aftermath, start-ups and SMEs will be the most affected sector of the economy. Estimations on MSMEs include that at least 50% SMEs will not survive the next few months; 35% of private employment at risk; 59M total jobs at risk (doubling EU total unemployment rate according to McKinsey report); and 50% of jobs at risk come from customer service and sales, food service and builder occupation

Research on entrepreneurship identifies as main causes of failure for MSMEs the lack of access to business services, assistance and information, as well as lack of capital and liquidity. During the COVID times and the forecasted negative economic scenarios for the next months, MSMEs will, in most cases, struggle to solve the closure of markets and lock-down measures (including the social distancing strategies). The lack of timely and relevant information degenerates in bad decision making from business owners and managers. Access to timely and relevant information, can be a differentiator factor when critical decisions shall be made by entrepreneurs (i.e. loan and credit options, internationalisation of services, innovation strategy, organisational structures and succession plans, etc.).

What it does

In order to help European entrepreneurs to reconnect with buyers, rehire staff and relaunch production, MSMEs are needing: Business support to promote trade across the world and to connect entrepreneurs so that they can share emerging good practices and resources in real time. Think value chains and alliances to restore trade. Focus on finance to find the best and suitable funding opportunities for the business growth at the european level integrating the financing sources.

Finally, a new and resilient business model for MSMEs is required and BusinessEra will be able to provide it giving the chance to entrepreneurs to access world-class business advisory mentors to avoid business’ mortality across Europe because of the economical crisis. BusinessEra will democratize the access to knowledge and information on business which can benefit and improve the decision-making capacity from entrepreneurs and MSME managers.

BusinessEra will provide entrepreneurs with access to timely and relevant knowledge and advice from business mentors. The objective is to reduce business failure across Europe. Our platform will democratize the access to knowledge. MSMEs will be able to improve their decision-making capacity to overcome the different challenges faced by business owners and managers on a daily basis. BusinessEra will help small businesses around the world to survive the COVID-19 economical crisis, becoming strong in the market thanks to the relevant and applied business information that will be given access to MSMEs in an affordable way.

How I built it

We are building it with complementary skills and lots of passion. We started from a group of ideas and concepts and ended up with a solution that can support not only during the crisis, but also in the mid and long term.

Challenges I ran into

  • Countless number of challenges, from bargaining family time and getting their support, to meeting people across EU that share the same idea and put action on it!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Being part of this initiative along with thousands of goodwill-minded people!

  • We created from scratch when we met last Thursday and we ended up with a concept that can make the difference for million of European entrepreneurs!
  • We only worked for three days together, but we feel like a close and well established team.
  • Accomplish all the tasks with a very good timing! (We were able to sleep in Sunday night).

What I learned

That people care for each other. That we are ready to attend the call and support others when is needed. That we are still learning.

What's next for Entrepreneurship support platform

  • Development of Beta Version
  • User trial with selected groups
  • Promotion and marketing campaign

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