Female small business in robotics owners can often feel isolated or less than their male counterparts. Entrepregirl allows them to bring each other up and feel connected in a world where robotics companies are mainly male-driven.

What it does

An interactive website allowing users to make an account/login, sign up for a newsletter, search for and explore other user profiles, and chat with other entrepreneurs, all while having a pleasant aesthetic.

How I built it

I built this website using HTML/CSS and JavaScript for the front end and back end aspects respectively.

Challenges I ran into

First, I have never built a website, let alone programmed in JavaScript before, and have only used HTML/CSS once, so I had to adapt to new languages on the go. Second, I had a hard time making interactive buttons, but learned how to do that successfully in the end, to allow better user interaction throughout the site. I had to change the whole layout only hours before the deadline when I couldn't understand how to make my previous menu interactive, but accomplished a better final project because of that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The visual appeal of the website is something I never imagined could come from my first web design project. Second, I am extremely proud of how interactive the website turned out to be through buttons and text boxes throughout. Finally, I am proud of my adaptability to learning new languages and overcoming obstacles with a tight deadline.

What I learned

How to use new languages, as well as designing a website from the ground-up!

What's next for Entrepregirl

Add images and make the site overall more visually appealing. Create more profiles and a better timeline to scroll through other businesswomen. Furthermore, I hope to create a stronger messaging system for user-to-user interaction.

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