A lot of small businesses bankrupt because of capital chain rupture. They have potential to succeed but failed due to cash flow problems. Restaurant near the school and tourism business are great examples. They have a distinct on-season off-season time and some cannot survive off-season time. With some financial support, the business can survive and even thrive.

In the meantime, some successful business that needs to expand quickly like fast food franchising also has a high demand for money at some point. With some financial support, they can seize the opportunity in the market.

What it does

It offers an online platform to bring small business owners in dire needs of financial assistance and individual investors with limited financial resources together. Investors choose companies that currently need money to expand or survive the current season, while companies receive money to achieve their goals and repay investors with some interest. We provide investors with basic information, financial report and external review of a company to help them make decisions. This platform empowers small business owners with little collaterals that banks are unwilling to lend money to survive off-season time or expand quickly. This also gives people who love the business a chance to help.

How we built it

The project is divided into frontend and backend, with each part has two people working on it. The frontend is constructed using bootstrap, CSS, JS and Django template. This part is focused on the UI design and features we want to implement. The backend is focused on using existing API to obtain data from the server and send it back to display in the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

We have some problems determine features that should be displayed at first. We also have a hard time doing responsive web design. Furthermore, we weren't familiar with backend development tools, such as how to build the build a server and how to integrate frontend and backend. We practically went through Django documents so that we can implement the Capital One API to our server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually made an interactive website and can request and get information from the server.

What we learned

Build a server with Django; UI design; Better use of CSS, JS Be humble, be resilient, be strong Never give up.

What's next for EntityInvestment

We will fully connect frontend and backend so that we can implement more features on it. We will also consult finance professionals about risk management.

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