My friend and I recently just launched our dog walking service. While direct outreach was extremely successful for recruiting customers, our website which we launched( completely underperformed; we had no conversions even after paying for traffic. This scenario is common with almost every website or service launch. The marketing messages are almost always never right and it often takes a few iterations to work them out. Meanwhile, owners spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on Facebook, Twitter, and Adwords ads only to stare at Google Analytics realtime chart and a spiking bounce rate. It sucks! However, what if you could engage the users in realtime?

Introducing Enticingly. Like Google Analytics, we show you realtime traffic, but you can also segment out cohorts based off pagevisits/funnels/clicks and send them enticements such as offers or requests for feedback. It allows you to quickly experiment with various heuristics without committing excessive $ to drive traffic.

Our target is for small/new businesses. Most of the current solutions are catered for websites with medium/large traffic: Optimizely requires enough traffic for the A/B test to be statistically meaningful, personalization requires existing data-sets. Also, chats widgets require customer support to be online 24/7 and are a hassle for customers.

Key features:

  • Realtime path analysis
  • Easy filtering of cohorts
  • Actionable/minimally invasive call-to-actions to help the user convert
  • Future customization for each site.

This hack was a mashup of many different technologies on many different platforms. I used/customized a lot of existing services and opensource technologies (firebase, elasticsearch, heroku) which significantly reduced the amount of work, but putting together the web, mobile, and server components in 2 days is something I am really proud of.

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