A lot of us deal with small inconveniences of daily life, especially when it comes to Texas heat. We wanted to help both ourselves and our community by making it easy to deal with a couple of these problems.

What it does

There are 2 main parts to our project. There is a melting calculator, which informs the user how long he/she has to enjoy those edible delicacies that melt. The second element is a warming calculator, which tells the user how long he/she has to enjoy their refreshing drink.

How we built it

We coded a lot of the math and equations for the 2 parts in Python, then converting it to JavaScript. Additionally, we used HTML and CSS to make the front end be a beautiful user interface.

Challenges we ran into

Learning APIs, time management, and new coding languages proved difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Enthalpeutic

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