The ecosystem of decentralised applications is exploding. It is important to have reliable decentralised storage to protect data used or generated by these applications.

Swarm’s goal is to provide a decentralized and redundant store for dapp code and data as well as block chain and state data. It's core features are: 1) fault tolerance, 2) censorship resistance, 3) DDoS resistance, 4) zero downtime, 5) self-sustainability

What it does

We improve the protection of files offered by Swarm storage by using alpha entanglement codes. Entanglements are a proven mechanism to propagate redundancy across a storage devices/nodes in a storage system.

See: alpha entanglement codes academic paper

How we built it

Our architecture creates an entanglement layer on top of Swarm that entangles chunks (could be from the same or distinct files) and does the reconstruction of the original file when some chunks are not available.

Challenges we ran into

Swarm is a large project, and its own chunker does many things. After discussions with Swarm experts we find out better to implement our own chunker for this hackaton instead of modifying Swarm chunker.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our proof of concept works. We uploaded entangled files to Swarm and be able to delete some chunks and repair the files.

What we learned

Entanglement algorithm, reliability, Swarm, dappnode, Swarm chunker, css, golang

What's next for EntanglementsInSwarm

We have various ideas to implement entanglements inside Swarm code. We need to discuss them with the Swarm team and see how we can continue the collaborations.

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