Plastic pollution has been a prominent issue in the world. It has cost the lives of countless sea animals. From this, my team and I wanted to approach an environmental theme to give others a new perspective of the grand problem among us that we seem to ignore in our daily lives.

What it does

This project is made using graphical user interface (GUI) which allows the user to control an entity and attempt to doge 12 dynamic "plastic bags". With a timer, the goal is to survive for as long as possible. The game ends when one of 12 "plastic bags" intersects with the character model. Once the game ends, the whole interface closes. To continue playing, run the program again.

How I built it

We used Java Eclipse and graphical user interface to create a game that allows users to have full control of the in-game character. Our team also focused on using random number generators to randomly generate a path for each plastic bag to ensure that each game is challenging for the user. Using a Java JFrame, we were able to incorporate PNGs of our choice to design a game that embodies our initial ideas.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we ran into was making the movement of the character model fast as well as painting certain objects on the screen. By research on YouTube and working together through trial and error, we were able to add objects seamlessly onto the frame. Another challenge that we experienced was that sometimes the "plastic bag" immediately spawns with the character Jamalmodel. A way we approached this was by adding a sort of zone where they could spawn and ensure that the game does not end instantly. Overall, we experienced many challenges and it has shaped us to change and create new ideas to code the best game we could while addressing the theme of environmental issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to create a fun game while also addressing a serious issue in our world regarding waste pollution in our ocean. By being able to work hard and producing something we are happy about, we feel very accomplished.

What I learned

With this experience, we have realized the true freedom that code has for an individual to extrapolate my creativity and knowledge in a form to present to others. We have also furthered our understanding of the graphical user interface and new mechanisms in the Java language.

What's next for Entangled in Plastic

The next step for Entangled in Plastic is integrating a start menu and retry option as the current version of this project starts on open and ends on close, without an option to restart.

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