Modern-day classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to deliver the content to students. However, a professor would never know if the students are following up with the lecture, or if someone with ADHD or vision impairment (low vision) having difficulty during the lectures. Hence, we need a solution that provides live feedback to both the students and professor to ensure effective inclusion.

What it does

This is a system of networked eye trackers, i.e., there is an eye tracker fixed to every monitor. The eye tracker tracks the student's eye movements and provides live information to the professor on where on the screen the student is looking.

Hence, the professor gets an aggregate information of where on the screen the students looked at? What information did they focus on much? Or if the class was less attentive.

How I built it

Tobii EyeX Engine, gaze tracking, C++

Challenges I ran into

Establishing a network of eye trackers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The idea itself and its various applications.

What's next for Ensuring Inclusion Through Eye Movement-based Feedback

Deployment in a classroom.

Built With

  • c++
  • eye-tracking
  • tobii-eyex
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