Wanted to make something cool, and that sounded cool and sci-fi.

What it does

Well you upload a picture and it recognizes the person in a database in order to find his/her social media links.

How we built it

Pain, happiness, and tears. No seriously, node.js, express js, and all those other things that you can find in the "It's built with" menu

Challenges we ran into

Facial recognition... And other things You have to add your face in the database yourself. Meaning it doesn't do searches on Google or anything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It look pretty cool, and yeah!

What we learned

I (miguel) learned Node.js Devin learned machine learning, eigenfaces, node js, and other stuff.

What's next for Enstalk

Idk... Possibly make it faster, get people to use it so we have databases of people. And maybe make it work with Facebook (Devin doesn't want that)

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