By nature, high school students are unorganized, lazy, and sleep deprived. As high school students, we have first hand experience and knowledge with the applications and websites used to "improve our learning experience". Unfortunately, most of these websites create more clutter than good. But do not fear, Ensō is designed to create a completely customizable platform for the most unorganized and lazy students.

With a simple click, you can easily organize your life into different sections. See which of your objectives need more work and prioritize your life as easy as a slice of pie.

Ensō is Japanese for circle, but it symbolizes much more than just a shape. It comes from Zen Buddhism, and expresses a moment of creativity in which the body a person is free of thought and emotion. At this moment, true inspiration and strength becomes present. Just like this, you can be free from the clutter and chaos of high school stress.

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