The advent of new wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem calls for something more than just a chrome extensions. The slew of different features each wallet provides means that each will have many users, and every Dapp will need to support many wallets. Web3connect has done a good job of providing Dapp creators with an option to integrate all wallets, but will become unwieldy in the event that many more wallets enter the ecosystem. ENS Login solves this problem.

What it does

ENS Login allows any user of Ethereum to choose their preferred wallet provider by simply typing in their ENS name. A user who wants to use a dapp can simply type in their ENS name and the dapp will know which wallet to provide them with. The user no longer needs to worry if their favorite dapp supports their preferred wallet provide, and the dapp developer does not need to worry about supporting all wallets and showing a large list of wallets.

How we built it

ENS Login was built by designing a standard for users to attach their preferred web3 provider to their ENS name. Storing a key-value pair where the key is a known standard and the value is the preferred provider allows Dapps to simply look a user up by their ENS name. We integrated a PoC into a forked version of Uniswap in order to demonstrate the abilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of bringing together multiple teams in an attempt to make the Ethereum ecosystem more friendly and usable. Attempting to create this alone may have forced us into a more narrow standard, but the introduction of other teams and members has helped to avoid this.

What's next for ENS Login

We will push to standardize this concept within the Ethereum ecosystem so that more users will feel comfortable using this technology

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