Take most recent lettuce recall, which was traced to have originated in Yuma, Arizona. Lettuce grown on one Yuma farm might ultimately be packaged by any number of brands, as whole heads, chopped, or tossed with other lettuce in a salad mix. And many product labels don’t include information about the growing region, so it’s tough to be sure. Cases associated with this outbreak have been linked to both lettuce bought in grocery stores and lettuce eaten in restaurants.

What it does

To solve an outbreak or epidemic that may come about from food industry, we've created a platform for participants within the supply chain to use to corner it quickly and efficiently. Using our implementation you could identify which pieces of produce may have been affected, so you wouldn't have to recall every piece of lettuce. You can identity what items came from where, what is has been in contact with, what conditions it was left in, who handled it, and how long it has been in certain facilities.

How we built it

We built this city on rock and roll

Challenges we ran into

Determining how to efficiently procure the movement of items. Also tracking when packages become intertwined within each other. i.e: When a lettuce head becomes part of a prepackaged salad. These things must be individually and collectively traced.

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