Ads suck. Most people block them. People who don't block them don't look at them. And certainly no one clicks on them. Ads are bad for both parties: the advertisers waste their money, and we have an annoying browsing experience. Yet ads are THE dominant way for monetizing web traffic.

We want to change this.

Basic Facts: News sites, popular blogs, etc. get massive traffic. Their clients are willing to support them, but do not want to be pestered by ads. Meanwhile, companies like Bloomberg, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. (all sponsors) have massive computational jobs they need to perform. They always need more CPU cycles; currently, they buy up more and more racks. There is a valuable untapped resource: the computers of everyday people.

How We Work: We act as the intermediary broker between these attractors (news sites, blogs, etc.), workers (the visitors attracted by the attractors), and producers (entities which have computational needs). Producers give us jobs in the form of data and JavaScript MapReduce code. We divide their data into map tasks and reduce tasks. Attractors embed a snippet of JavaScript on their site, similar to Google Analytics. Workers, when they visit the attractors, run this snippet JavaScript, which spawns a WebWorker. WebWorker is a new technology which allows browser clients to spawn OS-level threads which run JavaScript code. This WebWorker polls our central coordinator for work (using Cross-Site Resource Sharing) and we give them sets of map tasks and reduce tasks. Once the WebWorker completes these tasks, it reports back to our coordinator and we give them more task sets to do. Meanwhile, producers can control and monitor all this in a sleek analytics dashboard.

Business Model: Producers are willing to pay to run their computations. Attractors receive most of this money, in exchange for their workers. Workers receive content from the attractors, in exchange for cycles from their computer (which they weren’t going to use anyways).

Impact: This is a win-win for all parties. Producers gets their computations completed. Attractors now have a new way to monetize their sites. Workers get to support their attractors in a way that is not annoying to them.

Please come by for a demo :)

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