Inspiration for Enlive

Since Elise Xu, Malte Goesche and Yash Sahay introduced AR Studio in May in Vienna, Austria this year and with the opportunity to join the Facebook AR Studio Days in London in June, we've started to develop a lot of AR effects on the Facebook AR Studio Platform.

We thought it would be nice if a lot more people could experience augmented reality effects in their day to day at public scenes or ideally experience AR effects simultaneously at local exhibitions to bring people closer together in the real world.

A few years ago such exhibitions could only be imagined, but now it's actually possible through the Facebook AR Platform. Items and information placed on top of the real world really feel like they belong to the real world.

AR is ideal to discover information in creative ways and it is a new way to connect with people and interact with each other.

What Enlive does

1. Online Directory of Augmented Reality Effects

Enlive is an online directory (and a printed guide) of augmented reality effects created on the Facebook Augmented Reality Platform. It’s a list of locations with public sights around the globe (San Francisco, London, Vienna, Berlin, …) that can be enhanced with Facebook AR effects, a directlink/QR code to the effect and a guiding image to trigger the effect.

Artists and our team at Enlive ourselves create augmented reality effects on the Facebook AR Platform to digitally enhance public scenes and places all around the globe. Visual overlays, characters, artistic enhancements and information are laid on top of a target scene or object in the real world.

2. Curated local AR Exhibitions all around the globe

At dedicated Facebook AR exhibitions people can experience the augmented reality effects locally and together. Since effects are being viewed in the Facebook Camera App, they can easily be shared online with friends on Facebook.

Public spaces, public installations and objects, sightseeing spots, building facades, museums and rooms come to life through dedicated Facebook AR effects which can be experienced at scheduled local exhibitions during a specific timeframe.

To make the Facebook AR experiences easily accessible there are coherent guides with simple instructions available at every AR enhanced location. These guides will be available online and downloadable to be used offline as well. (See images with instructions attached)

How we built it

AR Effects using AR Studio, 3D Software (Blender, Cinema 4D) and reactive scripting in JavaScript. Photoshop and Illustrator for coherent guides. Facebook React, Facebook Login, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS for the web app (in the making, see screenshot attached).

Updates on the technical side since the local round judging:

  • Created Facebook React Web App on Firebase (hosting & database), including Facebook Login, and features listed below
  • Responsive App Design


  • Google Maps Overview of Global Facebook AR Effects:
    Zoom map out to view global effects, hover and click effects to view more information about each effect
  • List of Global Facebook AR Effects with information, directions to the Facebook AR Effect on Google Maps, and link sharing functionality on Facebook
  • List of Global AR Exhibitions with directions on Google Maps and link to the event page
  • Form for creators to submit Facebook AR effects to the directory

Challenges we ran into

Taking snapshots of buildings and sights from the right perspective to make them work as a target for the Facebook Plane Tracker on multiple devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Four live effects (currently in review, see screenshot attached in the "Additional" folder in the package) that show informative content about the scenes can be used at four different public locations in Vienna, Austria.

MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

Pink Rabbit “Young Hare”, Vienna Opera

Goethe Memorial, Vienna

Museum of Modern Art Schedule Board, Vienna

Facebook AR Studio officially featuring the Enlive Facebook AR Effects:

Updates since the local judging round:

  • Created the Facebook React Web App with Facebook Login with Firebase (hosting & database) since the local judging round, current website URL:
  • All AR effects have been successfully approved
  • The "Facebook AR Studio Creators” Team is in the process to feature Enlive and its Facebook AR Effects as Prime Example for Marketing Campaigns in Web, Email, and event communications
  • In conversation about collaborations with local institutions (museums, art galleries, exhibitions, …)
  • We're continuously placing posters and QR Tags at offline locations
  • Effect creators from the Facebook AR Studio Creators Community are looking forward to contribute to the Facebook AR Effect list with their creations

What's next for Enlive

Continuously creating more effects for public spaces, public installations and objects, sightseeing spots, museums and rooms. Curating effects from artists, and the collection will be published and accessible through the online website, through featured posts on social media and many more promotion channels. See upcoming updates below.

Updates coming soon:

  • Facebook React Native App for iOS, Android coming soon additional to the Web App
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot to access the global directory of Facebook AR Effects and Exhibitions via Messenger
  • Monthly Email Newsletter (Mailchimp) & Facebook Messenger Bot Notifications about new Facebook AR Effect additions and global exhibitions
  • Gamification features through rewards, likes and sharing functionality with friends on Facebook Messenger
  • Show Facebook AR Effects nearby when opening the Enlive App on Web, Smartphones and Tablets (geolocation)
  • Notification if there’s an AR Effect available at your current location for iOS and Android (geolocation)
  • Section for AR related news - curated online articles about AR via international media
  • Regular online AR Effect hackathons/challenges about different topics
  • Add Exhibitions & Events to the Google Map
  • Official Launch of the "Enlive" Directory in Q4 2018

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Added Map View of Enlive Facebook AR Effects (Facebook React App):
Enlive Map

Map View of Global Facebook AR Effects with AR Effect Location Marker hovered and zoomed out:
Enlive Map

Fullscreen Map View of Global Facebook AR Effects:
Enlive Map

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