Follow-up Enkel Politik

Do we want to keep working on our idea? Yes, of course!

Our vision with our application We want Enkel Politik to be something more than just a bunch of data. The ultimate goal would be to create a hub for democracy where people nationally can discuss together to find new perspectives and ideas.

Political centre Enkel Politik could be the place people gather their information about the most recent events in the political world and share their thoughts with others.

We could expand with a forum where current questions and law proposals can get discussed. It is a way to share your reflection on the subject.

To maintain a political diversity is a major priority to make the argumentations as variegated and inclusive as possible. There is zero tolerance for all form of discrimination because of one’s political view. We don’t want any group of people “ruling” the site and we could achieve this by making small, mixed discussion groups that you get assigned. This way you will get a broader picture of what fellow citizen think but also challenges your logic.

A lot of services feed you things you like. If you clicked on one cat video you will suddenly be greeted by thousands more. This could have both a positive and negative effect. Sure, you get content hand-picked after your interests so you only read what amuses you. But when put into a political context, it means you will only get arguments from the side you are supporting and thus only getting one side of the story. Our application could function completely different by serving you with what you like the least. If you like cats, we will show you dogs instead to demonstrate that there are more cute things in the world.

More sources and connections One way to make the site more interesting is to use more data! By using more sources, like social media and news agencies, we can get a broader picture of what topics seem most important.

Where the money flows Another way to make the politicians plans even clearer is to show the people the budget and how many they have voted in different categories. How many laws that will gain education have been voted on?

Security Because we are handling sensitive data we must make sure our servers are well protected. Of course, we will administer the user information according to the data protection rule GDPR.

Enkel Politik should not become a disposal of unnecessary data. Everything serves a purpose, to give the public an easy way to understand the government and take part in the political movement.

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