There are over 100 million patients have visited the hospital in a year in US. Patients go to hospital for treatment, so many of them are stay on pains or injured when they go to hospital. However, most of patients are not familiar with the whole procedure of seeing a doctor, like making an appointment, taking examinations, getting medicines, etc. Things even get worse when people are nerves or panic. This application provides a relax theme that a patient would follow the instruction by a friendly virtual character to complete their treatment procedure. Once registered at beginning, the patient sees the interface through the glasses view. After retrieving all necessary information, the virtual character shows up and walks on side with the patient. It will then talk and lead through the procedure. Navigation and descriptions are clearly displayed on top of the real world environment that the patient can access rooms and get ready for exams with less instruction from the doctor. Meanwhile, all the details related to the treatment are available from the application menu that the patient can review any time to prevent any confuse or panic. In addition, during the treatment, patients are always suffering from pain. At that time, the application provides some Augmented reality game for turning the attention from treatment to game. This application provides a fully customized all-time guide service for the patient that improves visiting efficiency and helps relieve negative emotions.

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