About me

I'm a software engineer but I spent most I my time leading projects rather than coding them. I'm an entrepreneur, I've been cofounder and CTO for an online language teaching company. In another company, I had the opportunity to lead a tech team of 25 persons.

For this hackathon:

Project presentation

I would like to build a platform allowing people to meetup online as if they go to regular physical places (bar, restaurant, public garden etc.). This means that we are going to create online events where you can meet up with friends, strangers, artists etc. (i.e. like going to a bar). We need to think how this can be complementary with the meetup website and how this can be viral (using Facebook events?). I want to help people currently at home to reduce their frustration to be home. If we don't address these people, they may become a risk for the society at some point. I know a lot of people are working hard for sick people and I thank them a lot! I take the point to work for healthy people in order to keep them safe. Of course this solution will be accessible to anyone with a device and an internet access, which means any person in fact.

I'm looking for different kind of profiles:

  • backend & frontend developers,
  • a website builder for the explanation of the concept and the acquisition of people (may be WordPress, a digital marketing profile is great),
  • an automation specialist to setup zapier,
  • a graphic designer to make an awesome experience, a community manager to talk with our users,
  • an event specialist/manager because we are going to create of lot of online events (some people used to create events and host people :)),
  • an happiness manager because we want to have fun during this hackathon, some beta testers because we need to test the product,
  • a partnership manager because we need to find sponsor and relay,
  • a motion designer because we want to produce beautiful videos,
  • a radio or tv host to animate/present live events etc => Feel free to suggest your skills.

You need to speak at least English, French would be great :) By the way my timezone is France.

How are we going to do this?

I have a good vision on the tools that we could use in order to build this solution. I don't want to write things from scratch, I would like to use as many available services as possible, especially to guarantee the scalability. This is why I would like to create a team with a mix of automation experts and developers + all other profiles of course :)

Communication tools

I suggest we use a dedicated channel into the Slack https://globalcovidhackathon.slack.com and we'll use a Google Drive

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