TO Save Climate

Encourage User to save more energy

We're an energy-based crypto asset trading platform that gives NFT holders the ability that gov or corporate Can provide them a subsidy or discount to people who hold our tokens, and user will have to save the energy to get NFT, we will fetch it from user's electricity meter and if we found out that use have put some effort in saving there units then in return we'll reward them with our tokens NFT

first the import one is why user will use our platform so what we did is will give user a NFT of which user can get rewards and discounts (it is kind of app like if you more walk more reward u get.

we are in talk of many corporation to be a parts with us that provider user discount for having a Enigma NFT or being a better citizen by saving climate or energy

We learned many things in between making this project like what motivate user to save energy that is discount on his/her favorite brand😀

With The help of Prices and grant we will scale this project in hoping of that at least this project will contribute its minor part in Climate Change problem Mission

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