Medical device manufacturers are increasingly relying on mobile devices to stay connected with their customers and quickly react to new opportunities. Enhatch has created a technology that allows sales and marketing teams to rapidly create and deploy highly customized and engaging mobile applications without code. By combining rich media and content, beautiful design, and an integrated CRM user experience to Salesforce, salespeople are equipped with the tools they need and want in a mobile app to support their sales efforts and close more business. These same capabilities can also be deployed directly to customers, closing the loop in servicing customers, improving satisfaction and building loyal, long-term relationships.

We have chosen to use this same technology to demonstrate how easily a customer could build and deploy a mobile application for their sales team and customers. We took the example of Philips, a showcase Salesforce customer in the medical device industry, and built a similarly enabled mobile application during the course of the Dreamforce hackathon. Focusing on the MRI product line, we have built an application that provides salespeople easy access to marketing content such as videos and product information, as well as collaboration tools and integration into Salesforce through the flexibility of Visualforce. We have also created a surgeon portal so that customers can have ready access to MRI product information as well as direct access to sales and technical support at a click of a button from anywhere in the application.

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