There exists changes in education driven by cutting edge technology. The growth in the demand for online digital learning has occasioned the rise of several digital learning platforms, all with the aim of equipping learners and tutors with the tools necessary to enable online learning. However, these platforms are fragmented and need other additional platforms to efficiently fulfill the learners needs; for instance, a tutor may use both google classroom and meet for a lesson. This brought to our attention the need to provide an efficient, wholesome, easy to use system to the growing population of young people in Africa as well as contribute to the need for quality education among the society for a better future by including all the components needed into one e-learning system.

What it does

Our project proposes the use of moodle, which is a learning management system, one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems across the world. We divulged in the use of plug-ins in the learning system which is expected to facilitate enhanced interactions on the platform and encourage forum discussions and other similar positive course activities, supporting text, images and videos as well as live stream capabilities. The system provides a clean, easy to use platform for people across all ages in an effort to make learning more fun and accessible especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

How We built it

We used a challenge driven approach which involves design thinking methodology in building the system, engaging learners and tutors in the iterative development of the prototypes.This was blended with the use of questionnaires to get more insightful ideas on the challenges from the users perspective.

Challenges We ran into

We stumbled upon various challenges which include :

  1. Cost - Some of the plugins were premium, which drove up the setup costs.
  2. Language - getting correct translations into different languages, Moodle’s default is English.
  3. Notifications - It was challenging finding an affordable third-party partner for SMS notifications.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We managed to get a prototype of the system envisioned working, and also conducted tests with different users. We are especially proud of the reception it achieved; * It was simple and easy to use for older learners and tutors and * At the same time fun and refreshing for the younger users. We were also proud of the time and efforts that each one of us took in order to see the project to fruition and seeing the impact it could have to the society.

What We learned

The lesson our team took home is to work with the end users in mind. Courtesy of using design thinking methodology in the creation of the system, we were able to overcome our own biases as developers and deliver what the end users would really use in a day to day digital learning environment. We also appreciated the need to use available resources in building up our solution rather than building a whole new project, for example in our case a new learning platform

What's next for Enhancing Communication within a Course Offering

As much as we have already ticked off a number of items from our development to do list , we realize that technology is changing rapidly everyday and so are the needs of the users, we have therefore bench-marked some aspects of the system that we feel can be improved on further. An example of such a component is adding an event platform for facilitating online events. These and other improvements will ensure the solution is not only helpful but also relevant to the people who need it the most, the learners, and their tutors.

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