Enhancement and Support Request (ESR) application was born from the concept that we hold as a professional services firm of being able to provide efficient and timely support to our customers to ensure a great experience for them with the applications they use. We understand the critical nature of meeting SLA timetables and the positive effect of transparent communication.

What it does

Key Features

  • Submit Bug/Enhancement Requests - Enter all relevant information including steps to reproduce, timestamps and attachments.
  • Track Existing Requests - View relevant specific bug/enhancement requests.
  • Triage and Prioritize Requests.
  • Satisfaction Surveys - Clients can express their level of satisfaction in a simple and complete form upon bug resolution.
  • Centralized support center - Communicate between independent Appian environments no matter their location or type of installation through the use of Integrations, Web APIs, and Process Messaging.
  • Conversation History - Send/receive messages to and from the client with an easy and attractive form.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Understand client sentiments with OOTB Sentiment Scores.
  • Jira Integration - Create new stories on your Jira project or choose from the existing ones. Additionally, receive the latest information about the stories every time they are updated so you can show it on the Appian side.
  • Google Cloud Natural Language Connected System - Analyze the text in a request so the system can suggest similar requests that are already linked to an existing Jira story.
  • Google Maps Plugin - Maintain a record of all clients’ basic information including a map with their locations and timezones.
  • Audit History Framework - Visualize actions taken on requests, including who took an action and when.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Browse through a knowledge base of the most common questions about the supported application before they actually submit a new question. Manage the FAQs available to ensure up-to-date information is shown.
  • Reports - Aggregated data received from the client that facilitates business decisions. Including the usage of Appian’s Business Value Framework.
  • Support Team Management - Manage the members of each application support team.
  • Rich, intuitive interfaces - Leveraged components providing an attractive look and feel.

How we built it

ESR is split into two separate applications: Enhancement and Support Request and Enhancement and Support Request Client. Both share some objects between them but each has their own site, their own data store and their own set of interfaces, expression rules, constants and process models.

With this model, we can scale the number of clients to attend indefinitely and minimize the size of the application to be deployed on their environments as well as limit their access to objects and information they exclusively need.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that we faced was finding an efficient way to send attachment documents from one environment to another. This was not possible using integration objects and Web APIs, so we used messaging capabilities to send documents as email attachments and receive them in a process model.

Building a bi-directional integration with the Jira platform considering the learning curve of the Atlassian API was a bit of a challenge as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the attractive and easy-to-use UX that was built showing that Appian is as powerful in the front end as in the back end.

We are also proud of our application leveraging process model messaging to communicate two (or more) separate Appian environments.

Lastly, being able to leverage the OOTB Google Cloud Natural Language Connected System in order to analyze text and suggest coincidences was definitely an accomplishment worth mentioning.

What's next for Enhancement & Support Request

We want to keep improving the functionality that ESR has to offer. For example, we will be adding management for SLAs per project functionality in the near future so administrators can have a more specific insight into the reports. We are also planning on further exploring the perks that AI has to offer. We would like to apply AI on the client side to help clients solve their issues even before they submit a request.

Built With

  • appian
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