Harassment and bullying is hard to stop alone, so we are getting parents to help us out.

What it does

Enhancement Suite is a crome extension that monitors what you are saying. Every time a "flagged" word is said, a bar representing its occurrence is increased. Parents are supposed to check this extension every so often to see their child's online habits.

How I built it

We ended up using pure javascript to develop this application since it was a chrome extension. There is a background script that listens for keystrokes and an options page that updates every five minutes.

Challenges I ran into

We originally wanted to have the app send each parent a weekly email giving a brief overview of what their child said, but we realized that this would not be possible with pure javascript, and everywhere we looked said that this is especially impossible through a chrome extension. Another original idea was to have a java applet that silently listens for keystrokes throughout the entire machine, but we were met with a difficulty that we hadn't expected. Java does not allow users to listen for keystrokes outside the context of its own windo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to pivot from our original idea to the chrome extension pretty quickly and got a rough model of what we wanted.

What I learned

What's next for Enhancement Suite

We'd like to somehow incorporate our email idea so we could have a sign up process which allows the parent to monitor their child's habits from afar.

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