To provide a platform for students and learners to easily learn new words and increase their vocabulary. Being student we face a lot of difficulty in searching words meaning in Urdu so we decided to build a solution for everyone to solve this problem.

What it does

Help people in learning words and there meanings not in English and Urdu but also with Roman. One can easily increase their vocabulary by learning a word daily with their multiple meanings, definitions, synonyms, antonyms and related words in a user friendly layout.

How we built it

We developed this app using Flutter with the support of local database. we started with prototypes and convert them to a fully functional app.

Challenges we ran into

Custom Urdu Keyboard provided with App

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that in a very short time we have learnt and completed this project with flutter.

What we learned

Learnt hybrid application development, flexible layout design, state management and other google products like firebase and notification systems

What's next for English Urdu Dictionary

Working on sentence translation, OCR, and some new features with Custom keyboard.

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