Fast, simple and convenient dictionary for your smartphones.

Features: The base consists of 450,000 + user can add the words and synchronize with the server. Transcription Search History Favorites List of English personal names Can be installed on SD card The ability to choose the font size and colors A list of irregular verbs Choice of 2 themes (white and black) Voice of words (TTS) - long tap on the item list In the horizontal position it is possible to show the translation next to the list Brightness Control Translation of the article - a long press on the article, and the translate will be shown at the bottom of the screen Search for article Widget "the word of the day" Change the background Ability to change the number of items in the search list and history Translating from the clipboard: copy the word (just one) of the other program, and if the service is running - a variant of translation will be shown in the status bar. Press "Search" button from any of the main application window (except settings and view translation) returns to the "Search" tab, and in view of the article shows the search field In view of article volume buttons can scroll through the content

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