• Covid-19 has a huge impact on us
  • Many people don’t wear masks, even though it would lower the spread of Covid-19 ## What it does
  • It has a unique, comfortable design that would encourage people to wear masks more ## How we built it
  • Using a sewing machine, I stitched my face mask to have two fabric layers
  • I put elastic string along the top and bottom edges of the mask
  • I let the sides of the elastic string hang out and connect through an adjustable clip so that the wearer would be able to pull it over their head to fit their needs ## Challenges we ran into
  • The initial design plan was difficult because I had limited resources.
  • Creating the prototype itself was very time consuming. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • The mask’s features turned out to be exactly as I had planned
  • The fabric pattern is soft and fashionable ## What we learned
  • My research gave me a lot of valuable information on the benefits of wearing masks
  • When creating a product, it is essential to make it fit the customer’s needs ## What's next for Efficient Covid-19 Masks
  • If I were to add another feature to my mask, I would add a filter slot for more protection against Covid-19

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