We are two passionate engineer students that want to promote the interest about STEM. We believe that today's new students are going to be the one's that shape the future and we want them to have the tools to create technology that help more people.

What it does

This skill lets you discover the world of engineering with a little game that drives you through some of the problems that an engineer can face in one day, plus some facts and details about each engineering, so you get to know more about each career. You can try to be a: mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, industrial, biomedical, environmental, computer science and aerospace engineer.

How we built it

We wanted to create a little experience of how each type of engineers use their tools and their knowledge to solve the problems required for their area, so we did a profound research for each discipline and how a typical day of work should look like and then, we tried to do a brief story based on it. In order to avoid boredom, we did it in an interactive way, so the user understands why engineers think in a certain way by experience, and they even start to become aware of some aspects of the career.

Challenges we ran into

It is a real challenge to summarize the entire aspects of a single discipline, so we have to decide just one little path for each area, for example, a mechanical engineer can work in multiple industries, but for now, we decided that you are going to be a design engineer at an amusement park.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We hope that you enjoy and learn with this skill, and that you can be aware of what you can do in each discipline of engineering, so that you can choose wisely when entering college or university.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the other disciplines and we found that everybody has an enormous potential to help the world in a large scale, so we got more excited about sharing our passion with others!

What's next for Engineer 4 a day

We hope that people love this skill and we are planning to add more engineering disciplines and more types of specializations for each discipline. We are also open to comments and suggestions.

Enjoy this skill!

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