Our Project

We built a convenient dashboard that shows live data on emission and energy usage from Engie and the University of Iowa's power grid.

What We Learned and Challenges We Faced

For our dashboard, we utilized HomeAssistant to serve as a basis for our dashboard and leveraged apis including Engie, OpenWeatherMap, SolarForecast, and more to integrate and correlate data. During the project, we learned how to work with large datasets, how to work with new api's, and about the hard work being done to reduce the university's carbon footprint.

Future Plans

In the future we would like to implement several key feature in order to increase the utility of the dashboard. These include a kW/Ton of Carbon comparison for varying energy sources, a wider range of data sources, and a predictive energy utilization in order to reduce the amount of wasteful bought or generated energy. We would also like to implement an interactive model for each University building supplied by Engie allowing for quick and easy control/monitoring of steam, chilled water, and electricity consumption.

(Username is engie and password is hackuiowa22)

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