This is a Chrome Extension, which applies Content Script to put a button on both the Index page of Google Search and the result page. Once user type what he/she wanna search into the text box, the content script(written in Javascript) will get what the user typed in the text box and direct the user to the result page. Nothing special until now right? Then it's the exciting part. When clicking the button on the result page, it will open the first N result URLs, N can be defined by the user on Option page(but I haven't finished it yet, so I set 5 result links as default). The link on the result page will be open in a reverse order, in order to make the user see the first result link first, you'll see how it work. Im running out of time on writing this story!!!!!!!!!

How did I come up with this idea?

Im lazy, i feel like to open everything at once on google search result page :) instead of holding command/ctrl + left click for every link.


A Chrome Extension

DONE: Create an Extension; Create a Button; Load User Input; Get link according to user input;

TO-DO LIST: Option menu; pack issues: setResultSetSize;

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