The Survival Game

A fun online 2D multiplayer survival game | our 1st web game

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The main function of this web game:

✔︎ it allows user to create his or her own room and player for the game.

✔︎ the user can play with other players simply giving others the room name, so that other users can add in to the game as well.

✔︎ the goal is to achieve as high score as possible, so it is important to stay alive during the game as long as possible.

The safty of this web game:

✔︎ in order to play this game, the user does not need to create an account or fill in any personal information.

✔︎ the user can check any necessary status of the room and delete it, so that it will clear the cookies.

Third party libraries

✔︎ Firebase (for keeping track players' state) & Phaser (for 2D gaming animation)

Note: We only created a foundation for a fun online survival game, if you are interested to make it better or add more features, it is welcome to fork the repo.

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