The statistics: 61,945 Homeless people in NYC(1), and counting. Most of them are hungry, some of them don’t know where to go, some of them feel lonely and without a hope. But something they all agree is that they want to better their lives. With support everything is possible- And Together we do better.

What it does

We can mark spots in the maps where we are walking where we see people in need. Case 1: User walks and see a homeless person on the street, he can’t help at the moment but he marks the spot with enGazeNY to come back or for others to see. Case 2: User is cooking at home and check enGazeNY, see someone in her area is hungry she brings food to the homeless.

How we built it

We created a server nodejs app with restful api using express.

Facebook Graph API Facebook Share Feed Plugin Facebook Comments Plugin Leaflet.js API Leaflet-search Plugin NodeJS, JavaScript, Sqlite3, ExpressJS CodeDrops Nexus Theme And other amazing tools and APIs

Challenges we ran into

The SSL certificate validation, we were having a hard time with it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We launched the website made the idea come true

What we learned


What's next for enGazeNY

With money generated from audience -network using Facebook tool and grants in the future, we want to create a training center for the homeless.

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