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Engaged For Change, as the name suggests, is an online platform where people of all different communities can engage, interact and inspire each other in order to tackle the existential crisis the world is witnessing right now-COVID 19. The idea and inspiration behind this project were the different challenges Covid 19 has brought along since its outbreak. There is a sense of insecurity and uncertainity surrounding us. There is a lot of pressure on our government and authorities to combat the current situation and implement schemes to help flatten the curve. The people who are financially stable can somehow protect themselves and look after their own needs to some extent in the lockdown situation. But the people who are daily wage workers cannot afford to support their livelihood. We wanted to create a platform where people who want to do their part in volunteering and donations can directly do so as we provide them with reliable means to do so. Apart from this, it is a platform for people to share their experiences, views and thoughts. Not only Covid 19 is a big threat to mankind, it also affected our mental health adversely. For the front-line workers and the quarantined people the situation is worse as living and working in such tense conditions takes a toll on our mental health quite negatively. We have a section where people can send messages and gifts to such people expressing their solidarity with the affected people. It is unsafe and risky to even go out inorder to buy necessary stuff like groceries, medicines etc. We aim to provide people with these items at their door-steps without having to go out and putting their safety at risk. Drones can deliver items to even remote areas efficiently as per the requirements of the customers. These can be done even by hospitals in transporting the testing kits and samples safely, minimizing the delay in the diagnosis of the virus. Similarly, drones can be used to deliver necessary items to the people in isolation.


1. DRONE DELIVERY As the prevailing Coronavirus is a highly contagious and communicable disease, going out to buy even basic necessities like groceries and medicines exposes oneto the very high risks of being infected by the virus. An equipment like a delivery drone which is an autonomous vehicle, often an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), can be used to transport packages, food or other necessary goods to the people at their doorsteps.

This reduces the otherwise high risks of coming in contact of an infected person or item. These drones are technologically advanced solutions to one of the many problems faced by the people in these times.

2. GIFT A FEELING TO THE PEOPLE AT RISK Not only has Covid-19 impacted our daily lives and brought a halt, it also has impacted our mental health adversely. We find ourselves surrounded by a constant fear and uncertainty. The people who are tested positive, quarantined and the people who are working closely in these places have to go through a very difficult time and still have to work in these conditions.

We can help and motivate these people by expressing our immense gratitude and concern for the community workers, medical staff and other social service providers. The sense of togetherness, concern and general empathy can act as a source of great motivation for the people. For the patients, it’s very important part of their complete medication as hope can do wonders.These people have to be constantly assured that they are not in this alone, they can and they will fight this battle and come out defeating the virus. All we have to do is follow the precautionary guidelines and with a bit of hope, perseverance and strong will they can survive the battle. There are a lot of myths that have been going round everywhere, adding to the already grave situation.

Through this platform we would like people to share their stories, messages with the people at risk. Express their gratitude towards the people at front-line helping combat this global pandemic.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

As much as the imposed lockdowns have restrained us to our homes, having so much time but not knowing what to do, we can’t deny that we would secretly want a break from our daily lives. Our lives have become so much busy that we seldom have any time left for recreation and relaxing. We have become so used to living life with so many daily deadlines hovering around our heads that we forget to give ourselves time. Past some days we have been restricted inside our own homes, left alone with our thoughts. This time can be utilised to reconnect with our true-selves, our inner-true thoughts. Honestly a lot of people have shared their stories that how they are utilizing this time to discover their hidden desires. The things that we want to do but couldn’t do earlier due to our busy lives. While some people feel like they can use this period to relax and chill and reconnect with our loved ones, while some other people feel like they could learn a new skill.

Sharing our experiences can lead to a lot many people gaining some ideas to better utilize their time. By sharing of our stories and experiences we can help each other in these depressing times. Share your stories and let the world know about that one skill that you learned or the book that you read, or that beautiful poetry that you wrote. It can be anything, as long as pursuing that hobby or interest excites you and provides you happiness.


We are glued to our tv screens, looking out for latest updates on the outbreak. We come across so many heroic stories daily. The doctors, medical staff, community workers have made them our true heroes and we can not thank them enough for their selfless service. On this page we’ll be sharing such daily posts about acts of great courage and vigour. We promise that reading these stories will make you feel a little more thankful and amazed by the efforts that all these people are putting in.

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