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Team ForceX: Engage

Mobile Sales Call Intelligence

We realized first hand how hard it is to keep track of sales calls on our mobile phones, and wanted an easy way to integrate mobile call metadata into salesforce. We set out to build a frictionless mobile call reporting and tracking platform on-top of Salesforce:

  • Incoming sales call customer information widget.
  • Automated mobile call log tracking integrated with Salesforce via
  • Browse call-relevant Salesforce data (e.g., Opportunities) while in call on your Samsung Gear 2 watch.

We spent 3 sleepless days at Dreamforce building out Engage, the mobile platform for automated sales call analytics.

Our target users are outside sales teams who use their own mobile phones to make sales calls and organizations embracing the BYOD trend. Empower your mobile salesforce to Engage!

We are most proud of our design work, our beautiful interface, native Android call hooking, and Tizen integration. We only had three days to go from concept to implementation!

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