Engage is a VR video conferencing tool with Real-Time statistics brought to life in 3D.

Have you ever fallen asleep watching a power point, or tuned out of a conference call?

Applications like Excel, Skype, and Power Point are the communication tools of modern businesses... and they are boring. With limited interaction between your peers and content, these tools do not create a productive or interesting business environment.

Enter Engage, the virtual reality conference room that allows you to interact with real-time data in 3D. Engage creates a dynamic environment for meetings, where the data changes with the conversation. Applications include but are not limited to: displaying real time financial data, projections, interactive presentations, animated environmental monitoring, or modeling a live work site. This creates a productive environment as users are able to directly interact with each other and the data, all of which can be updated in the virtual environment.

This is more than a power point or conference call. Engage with your data.

The project was made using UIPath to retrieve financial data from the web, Unity to set up the virtual environment for Occulus Rift, and Google Firebase to connect them with a real time cloud database.

As a Team, we learned a lot about the capabilities of UIPath, especially for web scraping and browser interaction, the power of a cloud database, and the intricacies of Unity in VR.

We faced many challenges regarding the API integration between all three platforms, setting up movement in the virtual environment, and visually displaying the data from the cloud.

We are glad to have overcome these challenges to deploy a working application. It is an achievement to have all platforms communicating with each other in an interactive virtual environment.

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