An intelligent classroom suite for an AI powered experience


Classrooms are just a bit outdated. Even after the many revolutions in information technology, our classrooms remain structurally outdated. We decided to harness the benefits of lean web-app based development and build out a holistic classroom suite that adds value to both the students and instructors.

What it does

We present a suite of tools that actively monitor the classroom, facilitate communication, and provide instant feedback for each session.

  • Presentation dashboard for instructors
  • Facial-recognition based attendance system
  • Polling feature - interactivity between students and instructor, as well as for collecting feedback
  • Sentiment analysis - visually identifying students in the classroom, analyzing time-based engagement to provide feedback for the instructor
  • Session analysis - historical records of past lessons and engagement levels

Next steps

  • Scaling - optimizing for larger groups (eg. >50)
  • School based management system
  • Tracking engagement levels of individual students across sessions
  • Live Q&A system
  • Sentiment analysis applied to instructors

Machine Learning components courtesy of Microsoft Cognitive Services

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